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Wardrobe Kit Rental Victoria

Wardrobe Kit Rental Victoria

Small Production wardrobe kit rental Victoria

Our wardrobe kit rental Victoria is an affordable option to buying everything you need for a production. We have rolling costume racks, and hangers of every description. We have irons and board and for costume designers that don’t iron but prefer to steam everything we have a professional steamer. We understand that many designers have their own kits so if you need more, contact us. We have towels and safety pins, gloves and socks, fitting room curtain to name only a few things we have to add to your personal kit. We want to help make things easier.

This list below outlines our larger items:

  • 7 costume racks
  • 1 heater and fitting room curtain
  • fitting hanger
  • small suitcase
  • clothes steamer
  • 3 irons
  • ironing board
  • 4 laundry baskets
  • tote
  • 6 boxes foam hangers
  • 5 boxes wire hangers
  • 2 boxes suit hangers
  • 5 boxes pant hangers
  • 6 boxes crystal hangers
  • 1 box sprays
  • large sprayer
  • 1 box towels
  • extension cords, power bars
  • kettle