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Production Office Furniture Rental Victoria

Production Office Furniture Rental Victoria

Producer office - production office furniture rental Victoria

Producer’s office

Production Office Furniture Rental Victoria

We know how difficult it has been to set up a production office here in Victoria. We have everything you need to easily and quickly set up your production office, phones and kitchen. We have a list outlining what we have. It can be divided as we have done or put together for a larger production. For a larger productions take a look at our boardroom production office furniture listing. No need to scour the city to find what you need and then figure out what you need to do with it at the end. Production office furniture rental Victoria. Everything comes to you in one 20×10 container. Just unload and put together and at the end you just return everything to the container.

Here is a list of our inventory. We have one phone system with motherboard that can be included:

  • 16 sheets Donnaconna board
  • 11 office desks
  • 11 office chairs
  • 4 file cabinets
  • 5 wall shelves
  • 13 folding chairs
  • folding table

EXTRA – microwave, toaster oven, various kitchen glasses, plates, coffee mugs, cutlery