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NET-ZERO, ZERO WASTE PRODUCTION SERVICES is dedicated to ensuring the success of your project by leveraging our carefully curated ecosystem to fulfill all your production requirements.

Who is Alpha Select Production Services?

Zero waste is not just a visionary concept - it's a mission.

Meet Beverley Dondale, a production industry veteran, founder, and CEO of Alpha Select Production Services. With 20+ years in the movie production industry on Vancouver Island, she is on a mission to take action to create a circular economy, reducing waste & carbon footprint in film. A zero waste production studio will demonstrate a commitment to responsible filmmaking and serves as a beacon of environmental consciousness in an industry known for its resource-intensive projects.


What we offer. We are different.

Sustainable Services

We offer an innovative add-on to film production on Vancouver Island that benefits the community, improves the environment and saves time and money.

We will tailor our services to your production. Join us and be the first on the island to showcase the future in film. It is easy, efficient and the benefits speak to themselves.

·       we will help coordinate material and food donation and recycling;

·       we will help coordinate logistics for sourcing new products from our partners;

·       we can provide transparent reporting that clearly show how much you gave back to the community, diverted from the landfill and what your carbon footprint was.

Maintaining Zero Waste

We want to help you implement a zero-waste program for your Production. You will be diverting waste from the landfill and your material donations will be directed to local charities in the community where you are filming. That benefits residents and benefits you.

Carbon Neutral Production

It is our mission to reduce the solid waste stream in the film industry by salvaging set material and distributing them for reuse. The benefits to the island include less pollution, more materials for budget-minded families, theatres, and independent film, saving of embodied energy and having less dependency on landfills.

Vancouver Island Production House

Trusted partner of the Malahat Nation and other partners...

We are all committed to reducing our environmental impact. Through collaboration, we will continue to look for more effective and efficient ways to improve our performance as a key part of our business strategy and operating methods, with planned regular reviews of our process. 

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Frequently Asked Questions.

What can we help you with today?

The project's goal is to create at least 1000 sustainable, well-paying, film industry jobs, not including new sectors that will emerge under the sustainability umbrella. Transitioning to a circular economy involves eliminating waste from the life cycle of products and services. 

These new opportunities span various sectors, such as food production and donation; waste management; repair, reuse and resale of textiles;  plastic containers and packaging recycling and construction material reuse and donation.

Additionally, there are promising prospects in virtual and augmented reality, with forecasts anticipating a $1.5 trillion GDP output from this sector by 2030.

A feasibility study found that, over the next 10-years, if we did the 5% bare requirements, we would need to train more crew in 5 major groups;

Design  crew – 3,362 

Operations   crew– 1,962

Services crew – 2,265

Talent – 488

Technician crew – 1,725

We need:

  • more experienced crew to pass on their knowledge to those with less experience.
  • to provide competency, apprenticeship style training, and mentoring to ensure that crew have help.
  • to work with the unions and guilds to ensure that we are not replicating training.

YES! It is absolutely our goal to attract Hollywood features and series to our world-class film studios. We also have a mission to create a hub for our indigenous and domestic filmmakers to feel they have a place.


Beverley Dondale, Founder and CEO, had a vision. She has invested significant time and effort into this project, which has evolved through multiple iterations to its present state. Beginning in 2010, the initial efforts fell short of achieving the envisioned sustainability goals. In 2015, prioritizing indigenous involvement, Beverley decided to pursue collaboration. Approaching the Malahat Nation, which owned the necessary land, they quickly embraced the vision and the opportunity for partnership. Despite facing occasional setbacks along the way, steady progress is now being made towards achieving the project's objectives.

Yes. We are not creating a new industry. Vancouver Island is already a sought-after location-based film destination. What we need to do is keep this industry on the island.  

Equipment, IT and Radio Services, Production Offices, Waste Management, security, backlot, Crew and more.